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Ma la loro bella storia non dura a lungo.

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Chornomor, un mago cattivo, appare dal nulla e rapisce Mila. We recently wrote about how studios in Eastern Europe are taking bold and creative decisions to create stunning work - often of a quality to rival the big, Hollywood VFX houses. One such outfit is the Ukraine-based Animagrad. Formed in , this innovative studio has grown from a team of around 10 generalists to specialists, focusing on high-quality animation.

The Stolen Princess features a classic fairytale plot a beautiful princess, abducted by an evil wizard, saved by a dashing hero , coupled with animation so good it could have come straight out of Hollywood. It was incredibly cumbersome and frustrating to work with. It became such a problem that the team were forced to consider an extraordinary step - swapping out their look dev and lighting toolset mid-way through the project.

A highly unusual move, the cost and time implications of this would normally rule out such a risky course of action. As it turned out, however, the team did not take much convincing. Initially, the team had been a little sceptical when Andrew suggested Katana. Unbeknownst to them, the things they had been trying to do unsuccessfully in the first place with their previous pipeline configuration - setting up their shots in different types of lighting, grouping them together and rendering it all out - is what Katana was designed to do from the start.

Amore per finta - Film Completo in Italiano

The UI is different, the way of working is different - so everyone was still kind of apprehensive - until they started playing with it. For the new project the team are working on - an animated film called Mavka - Katana has been embedded in the pipeline from the beginning. Il ne manquait que la blague de pet…. The distributor also picked up rights to the time-travel fantasy-adventure The Stronghold, from Kinorob. The completed film will screen for the first time at EFM on Feb. The Stolen Princess is set in the age of valiant knights, beautiful princesses and battling sorcerers.

Rilasciato il trailer del primo flm d'animazione di Animagrad, in uscita nel Oltre ad essere al lavoro su Mavka — The Forest Song, di cui vi abbiamo mostrato un primo trailer, ha in preparazione anche un altro film, questa volta di genere avventuroso. I volumi generosi danno impeccable cuts.

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Each garment voro della designer. Un insieme eterogeneo, A heterogeneous collection, which sees the coexistence of che vede la convivenza di creazioni scultoree, dotate di au- sculptural creations, endowed with bold asymmetries, and daci asimmetrie, e capi dai movimenti fluidi, passando per le of garments with fluid movements, all the way through the leggerezze degli abiti svolazzanti e dalle cromie vitaminiche, lightness of fluttering clothes and vitamin chromatic choices, in una perfetta armonia di forme e colori.

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Un lasso present. Showing at the Museum of Fashion and dei codici estetici e figurativi. For this occasion, the new storage area mento, al fine di amplificare lo spazio e moltiplicare la luce che esalta i colori e of the clothing and textile collections of the Museum of Fashion le linee degli outfit. Settimia Ricci www. Important and exquisite fabrics are skillfully shaped in perfectly za tempo.

Tessuti importanti e preziosi sono spientemente plasmati in harmonious architectural structures. Ruches and drapes are styled in strutture architettoniche dalla perfetta armonia. Drappeggi e ruche for- capes, coats and sumptuous gowns. Mohammed Ashi stays true to his mano cappe, gonne maestose, cappotti. In his atelier in Beirut, where every detail is prio savoir-faire. Dal suo atelier di Beirut, nel quale si pone meticolosa painstakingly crafted, from elaborate embroideries to fine seams, lavish attenzione ad ogni dettaglio, dai ricami elaborati alle cuciture, escono pieces demonstrating his sartorial mastery are born.

The falcon, a sacred animal, was the lezione Aelis Couture che presenta capi unici e artigianali, ispirati al inspiration for unique and artisanal pieces, designed by Sofia Crociani falco, animale sacro, disegnati da Sofia Crociani e realizzati in colla- and made in collaboration with the reknown accessory designer Erik borazione con il famoso accessory designer Erik Halley.

Dallo studio Halley. Capes with modern lines and sophisticated e sviluppati con uno stile inconfondibile. Capi dalle linee attuali e dalle workmanship select a sought-after color palette: from cobalt to sofisticate lavorazioni, che scelgono una palette di colori ricercata: dal blu petroleum blue, from forest green to burgundy and rust. An evocative cobalto al petrolio, dal verde bosco al burgundy, al ruggine. Then I noticed a peephole in the glass case, a peephole that lined up with a similar hole on the immense silver box. And when I looked through the peephole, I was transported into the mysteries of a proud, intimate scene from antiquity.

collezioni_haute couture sposa_aug 2018

It was as if my single eye looking through that peephole became another creature entirely, once it could see inside the silver box—as if the peephole itself could transport me to another dimension and another time. I could see that the cavern was set in a cliff high up over the sea, and there at the edge, facing the light, was the goddess of wisdom Pallas Athena.

collezioni_haute couture sposa_aug 2018

Tall and silver and young, she wore her pointed helmet as she stood at the mouth of the cavern looking out over the sea, and next to her was her emblem, a silver owl. Everything inside the cavern was silver, shading to the dark sheen of a moonrock, but out at sea the horizon was pale pink and pale blue and the far edge of water was faintly tinged with green. The illusion inside the cave conferred all the other senses on my single eye.

It could feel the breeze off the sea, hear seagulls, taste salt, and smell a strange Olympian combination of musty cave and bright, green breeze. Quanto alla mia scelta di vicini, era perfetta, anche se scendere e risalire era un tantino complicato. E appena vi guardai attraverso fui trasportata nel mistero antico di una raffigurazione superba e segreta. Poteva avvertire la brezza che saliva dal mare, udire i gabbiani, gustare il sale e odorare, in un singolare olimpiaco connubio, la muffa cavernicola e la verde, luminescente frescura.

Nor have my bags, a Bottega Veneta trolley case and carry-on of black interlaced leather. We are in midair, with strange aquamarine shades of stone visible through windows made semiopaque by Milanese drizzle. The buildings seem to be running past me like squat mannequins in an avant-garde fashion show. And then, darkness, tinged with purple and red flashes.

I breathe and the bags scatter from my lap. I feel for my head and trace the dimensions of an abrasion with the tips of my fingers. I am scathed, but only just. The taxi driver is less fortunate, and that means hours of interviews with Italian police, a missed flight, and two bags that sit reproachfully at my feet as a carabiniere brings a glass of water. A human body has bones, and Everything is interconnected.

My bags are made from Italian calf leather, processed in Vicenza and worked into a basket weave with 82 different tools. The next morning there is sunshine, a train and a flight to Paris. Lunch at Le Chiberta; an Arab ambassador sits to my left. Beet soup with truffle arrives.

I touch the bandage on my brow as a phone rings and my host, a man of influence, takes a call. Arnault wants to know, should he fire John Galliano?

Leggere Romanticamente e Fantasy: LETTURE DEL MESE - GENNAIO

There is a bruise among the basket weave, a further memento of Milan in the rain. I hear T. Eliot in my head. Io no. E neppure le mie borse, un trolley e una carry-on in pelle intrecciata nera. Siamo sospesi, con strane ombre di pietra acquamarina visibili attraverso i finestrini offuscati dalla pioviggine milanese. Gli edifici mi scorrono accanto come le modelle tarchiate di una sfilata avanguardista. E poi il buio, chiazzato di sprazzi rossi e viola.

Respiro, e le borse mi cadono dalle ginocchia. Sono illeso, ma per un pelo. Le mie borse sono in pelle di vitello italiana, lavorate a Vicenza e realizzate con intreccio a canestro utilizzando 82 attrezzi diversi. Colazione a Le Chiberta. Alla mia sinistra siede un diplomatico arabo.

Mi servono la crema di barbabietola rossa con tartufo. Mi tocco il cerotto sul sopracciglio mentre squilla un telefono e il mio ospite — un personaggio influente — risponde. Que faire la nuit ou par temps nuageux? Translation - Italian Il calendario egizio La scrittura compare in Egitto intorno al a. Per poter prevedere le piene, gli Egizi dovevano collegarle a un fenomeno facilmente osservabile e coincidente con esse.

Nel periodo predinastico prima del a. Le tre stagioni di quattro mesi iniziano al termine dei nostri attuali mesi di luglio Akhet, inondazione , novembre Peret, semina e germinazione e marzo Shemu, mietitura e raccolto. A fine anno sono aggiunti cinque giorni supplementari o epagomeni. Da queste suddivisioni avrebbero in seguito dedotto la segmentazione del giorno in dodici ore.

Nei templi, i sacerdoti le impiegavano per celebrare i riti legati a ognuna delle dodici tappe del percorso notturno del Sole.


Ambassade d’Ukraine en République Algérienne Démocratique et Populaire

Nel , presso il tempio di Amon a Luxor, viene rinvenuta una clessidra in alabastro in frantumi. Nel III secolo a. Al termine di una settimana di otto giorni, agli operai venivano concesse 48 ore di riposo.