Guide The Rhythms of Community: Experiencing A Shared Life in Christ

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Historical record shows that it was not the content of teaching, strategic leadership, or the excellence of events and programming. The Early Church shared values that the world had never seen before: People of diverse culture, race, and age breaking bread with gratitude, bearing burdens and speaking encouragement, freely sharing resources and privilege, and filled with a general sense of wonder and awe that cut past every trace of cynicism.


Essentially, this was a community carrying values from another world. We long to be a similar community, pilgrims whose citizenship lies in heaven, living in Brooklyn by a foreign set of values. When our relationships with one another are shaped first and foremost by the Kingdom of God, the quality of our shared life speaks a better way into our city.

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Generosity Ministries. Three Pillars. Vision Our vision is In Brooklyn as it is in Heaven. TGC Williamsburg. We need to be reminded that we are not asking God to enter our story, but rather God is asking us to enter his. The lectionary is a very old way the church has sought to regularly retail the Jesus narrative. As we hear these words, we are instructed by his ways and changed by his teaching.

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Music is common in most every tradition of public worship. Music speaks the language of our soul.

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The Hebrew culture in which Jesus lived was a culture of poets and musicians. Perhaps the best-known book of the Bible, Psalms, is a collection of prayer books that God's people have used over the centuries to worship our God. The prayers were often spoken, but the prayers were also song. The music at dcf attempts to provide our heart a voice. Through music, we sing of God's character, we sing of our need, we repent, we ask God to move on our behalf, and we simply celebrate that God is We also incorporate other art forms imagery, ambiance, and original works, to name a few as expressions of God's creative work and our creative response.

In at all, however, we hope to see God, not merely the art and the music. The Scripture is God's gift to guide us into encountering the living Christ.

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It offers us instruction and mercy. It provides us with wisdom and correction. However, the Bible is not a textbook or manual. It is a place where the God-breathed words are breathed afresh into our soul 1 Timothy At dcf, we place a high priority on sitting under the teaching of God. We wrestle with what God says. We seek to understand the implications of what God says. We wonder if we are correctly hearing what God says.

Yet, in all this, we are acting in faith God has spoken.

Our Sunday teaching hopes to faithfully engage and journey into the things God has spoken. We desire to let Scripture speak for itself, attempting to minimize the way we impose our presuppositions or worldview or politics or felt-needs onto God. We desire to let God speak. And we pray we will have the courage to obey.

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Prayer is conversation, and conversing with God is central to the life of following Jesus. Prayer is often portrayed in Scripture as a communal act.