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This research article analyses the main barriers and motivations in the understanding and acceptance of Galician audiovisual media products by a sample of consumers located in different areas of the Lusophone space, according to the new circulation and consumption modes of audiovisual products.

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To this end, we examined the influence…. Thinking the lusophony as a material and intellectual communication project, as a place for the relationship between knowledge and as a territory of concrete proposals, takes us to a scenario, that of globalization under neoliberal guidelines, where it is easy to lose foot when talking of expression, information and communication,….

Basing on the theories of the Sociology of the Knowledge, and of his precursor…. The context of the deep economic crisis puts the public media in general, and to Galicia in particular, at the crossroads of values that require them to justify the unjustifiable, meaning this last not need justification because it is obvious. TV and in times of crisis. And the questions that…. The picture of Barak Obama and his group of collaborators, all watching to a screen that provided information on the operation that led to the death of Bin Laden, represents nowadays the visual reference that reports that momentous event.

In view of the absence of the image of the terrorist…. La realidad informativa en EE. The analysis of the information reality in the USA, Europe and Latin America shows that the difficulties to inform and press coercions are common, especially in conflict zones. Censorship is presented in different ways and the different modalities correspond, almost always, with the nature of the political regimes and with….

Sangre, fetiche, ceguera: deseos y abrazos rotos. In the University of Santiago de Compostela starts the Platform for the Innovation and Experimentation and Innovation in Digital Contents CIDUS : a pioneering experience of trans-disciplinary collaboration between 81 investigators of reference in the digital contents area, with a technological and socio-communicative profile, from fields as different as Physics,…. The present work analyzes the cinematographic text and his relation with the presence of the disability.

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After considering the logic of functioning of the different levels of the text, we come to the question of the foundation of the sense, as principal function of the text, relating the above mentioned…. It is the fundamental question, the basic question on which the positioning of television products should be focused in the new consumption scenario.

If our main goal is to reconstruct the history of photojournalism in Galicia from the photograph as part of the journalistic discourse, it leads us to confirm some uncertainties that disable a linear story by being unable to construct, much less in the case of a social institution as the…. Photographs from where the world is called Galicia. Beyond certain narrative styles of non-fiction in fiction, what is posed — through such different authors by genre, age and film culture as Winterbotton or Marguerite Duras — is the relationship of personal experience with the way to give body, through a work, to that intensity that the real brings….

Within the framework of a research project of the Audiovisual Studies Group of the Department of Communication Sciences of the USC, an audiovisual information management system has been designed with the objective of periodically monitoring the news of the radio stations. Within the framework of a research project of the Group of Audiovisual Studies of the Department of Communication Sciences of the USC, a system of audiovisual information expenditure has been designed with the objective of carrying out a periodic follow-up of the news of the radio stations.

Hermans dirs. Terra do Xicle. A producer, Barbachano Ponce; an ideologue and cultural animator, Fernando Gamboa; an exiled republican cineaste, Carlos Velo, are part of a generation which transformed the way of thinking about documentaries while at the same time applying it to the making of certain works which comprise the body of film work…. This research addresses the main aspects that correspond to the scope and context of television information: origin of the information, nature of the sources and protagonists, characteristics of the news, treatment and focus of the contents and analysis of the characters protagonists of the events.

Studying these details will determine…. To study all this will show us if there is, o not censorship, news manipulation and inappropriate news treatment. We focused our main interest…. A experiencia dunha proposta audiovisual on line. In the University of Santiago de Compostela starts the Platform for the Innovation and Experimentation and Innovation in Digital Contents CIDUS : a pioneering experience of transdisciplinary collaboration between 81 investigators of reference in the digital contents area, with a technological and sociocommunicative profile, from fields as different as Physics,….

The narrative characteristics of the radio story are defined by the diversity of the elements that compose the message.

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The sonorous dimension of radio implies some peculiarities that differentiate it from other media and, at the same time, conditions the construction of the story. Besides, it is important to analyse…. Los contenidos informativos en las televisiones generalistas. The structure of many tv production departments and the contents analysis of their news show that television works are based in strictly defined balances between political, economical and society news. Powerless people are silenced. O tratamento informativo dos acontecementos de relevancia extraordinaria.

Informative events of outstanding significance need a specific treatment due to their peculiar characteristics. Since they have a huge impact in society and bring highly relevant consequences to it, these events endure much longer than everyday news. Facts are measured out and different dimensions of events are progressively amplified.

The generation of the more recent media culture as a huge mosaic points to communication media and, more widely, to cultural industries, as their main authors. The cultural grid resulting will answer to a series of characteristics analysed, such as segmentation, excision, disconnection, and incoherence, but also the tendency to…. O caso galego. The specialised information was born from the journalist purpose to deepen in public interest topics and to process them as monographs. The proliferation of information proposals and the increasing of competitiveness forced many media to look for a new place in the market by means of the specialization of contents,….

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The increasing concern for the presence of violent demonstrations manifestations in television, one of the main agents in the configuration of individual and collective reality in the modern societies, has been translated in a myriad of investigations that, despite its omnipresence, usually exclude the advertising texts. Even though advertising discourse….

The increasing mediation of the experience, articulated by the so called communication media —and in a hegemonic way by the TV dispositive—, constitutes one of the defining elements of the configuration of the individual and collective reality in modern societies. It is a mediation whose intensity and omnipresence pushes the…. As often happens in history, the idea precedes its implementation; necessity created a certain state of consciousness; thinking about diversity and the European policy of cultural exceptionalism, which we apply to the field of cinematography and audiovisual, allowed us to take the debate to a new stage, and everything is….

La mirada documental. There is a way of producing images that brings with it the inevitability of the viewer, the relationship between author, characters and representation, towards an out of field in which a caryatid maintains with his diaphanous hand the passage of time and the contingent construction of the time on the…. As a result and as an operator in the construction of a national collective subject, public television….

A new way of inserting reality into documentaries. The street, the ritual, the sense of belonging, the….

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But it is also that the fact of producing content without building an audience makes useless the first of…. Tv and interculturalism in Brittany, Galicia and Wales.


De xornalismo en lingua galega. En defensa da subxectividade. Os amorodos de Bergman. Between and , the group of excursionists called Sociedade Amigos do Campo shot about one hundred films that showed their interest for the landscape. These travel films, instead of exceptional events, gather up trivial moments. Cine y exilio.

Forma s de la ausencia. Fernando Rey. Cabaleiro de cinema Cabaleiro de cinema. Redes na diversidade. It is always a motive of pride to present the achieves to a scientific meeting. The event conjugates, therefore,…. Finlandia, Galicia, Gales. The lusophone research in Communication conquers new spaces. This new edition of the yearbook collects, under the prism of an approach of the cartographies of the lusophone investigation, a group of approaches that reflect the progressive dynamism that characterizes the work of consolidated research teams in the different countries.

Cara o Espazo Dixital Europeo. Vida en sombras. Anais do XI Congreso Lusocom. The journalism has become complex in the complex contemporary society. Any approach to current journalism, for thorough it intents to be, always takes the risk of resulting partial because in the world panorama there are many journalistic nuances. There is not only one way of understanding journalism, despite there are…. Cine Diversidad y Redes.

Pequenas historias de Vedra de a Henrique Neira Pereira. Cine, Diversidad y Redes. As such, it is destined to become the inescusible historiographical foundation from which to look with meticulousness to…. Immediately relevant photographer, acquires a cinematograph as soon as it is available for sale in May of Anuario Lusocom The multiple landscape in which the different public systems of communication of the lusophone space are developed constitutes the origin of the yearbook that, in addition to this wide and plural theme regarding gazes, analysed aspects and objects, delves into the discussion around questions of language and communication, ciberculture….

For those who do not have information about it, Loja is traditionally known for its richness in culture, music, and as a university city. Sombras desoladas. A close and unprejudiced historiographical and textual analysis of the cinema of the s demonstrates the survival, despite everything, of varied often rich, always conditioned filmic formulations able to maintain a common underground current that constitutes its authentic genetic material and that assures the recognition of its public and the….

Do palco ao escenario. Galicia Estudos sobre o filme de Carlos Velo.

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A discapacidade en imaxe. Do bucle e da fenda. El enfoque informativo. The reality is…. A desertion that results even more evident if we link this to other theme, the relating to cultural identity. Verified the difficulty of finding related literature,…. Respect for the camera and a kind of empathy with what is going to be filmed connotes a type of film made by photographers: the documentary.

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In it, subjectivity gave way to self-referentiality, to the author as part of his material, and to the exploration of interstitial practices that unite…. The investigation is divided into four chapters. The first one is devoted to the study of….