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Stine has three hundred more books to write before the end of the year. Lucy leads Nicole to the Changing Wall, which is the worst name for a thing possible, because her granddad was besties with the Fear Street Cemetery cryptkeeper who knew all the juicy gossip. When they get back up, Lucy is Nicole and Nicole is Lucy. Nicole flips out and does not call the police or an adult or tell anyone what happened. Kent, unsurprisingly, does not really believe her, and after hearing her story calls the police on her.

Nicole is kind of upset about this development, and she runs to her house to find Lucy. She wants to switch bodies back and let Lucy handle this problem. K, Lucy, totally sweet confession note. This girl did not even care.

Switched: Fear Street

Nicole is understandably freaked out by this and she runs the heck away as the police come to chase her. They try to stop Nicole from leaving. You know something fishy is up now because everyone keeps calling her Nicole even when they immediately see her. Nicole thinks this means Lucy is just telling everyone they switched bodies which is not something you should do if you murdered someone and then switched bodies to get away with it.

Nicole continues trying to track down Lucy, the bodies are starting to pile up, and the two detectives keep chasing her. Because it turns out no one was murdered at all! Lucy died three years ago in a car accident! They thought she was better, but apparently whatever therapy they put her through did not have lasting effects. I tore a fingernail while getting dressed for school this morning and burst into tears.

No GAP t-shirts or high tops this time around, but this story was more about the plot and not really about cool teens doing cool teen things.

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I actually really liked this one? The twist is pretty solid. Overall, four headless boyfriends out of five. Stine Welcome to Fear Street. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Lucy has a super cute boyfriend named Kent but her parents fight all the time and don't have time for her. Lucy comes up with a great idea: they'll switch bodies. She takes her deep into Fear Street Woods and shows her the Changing Wall that her grandfather told her about. They climb on top, hold hands, and jump over the side. When they open their eyes, they really are in different bodies. Nicole heads to Lucy's house, only to find the bodies of her friend's parents laying dead on the ground.

She rushes to her own house, but Lucy and her parents are gone. She then heads to Kent's house. Kent tries to calm her down and refers to her as Nicole instead of Lucy.

Switched (Fear Street Series) by R. L. Stine, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

When he goes to get her water, she hears him on the phone with the cops and agreeing to keep her busy until they get there. Worried, she runs back to Lucy's house and discovers that all of her clothing is missing and that there's a bloody knife on her desk. Part Two: The Murder. While holding the big ass knife, she finds a note that Lucy left admitting that she killed her parents. That causes her to run out of the house, but then she sees two cops outside. They get in the house and come after her, but she rushes outside and manages to get through a fake spot in the fence that Lucy's dad put in for them when they were kids.

Nicole goes back to Kent's house thinking that Lucy might be there. Instead of finding her friend, she finds Kent decapitated with his body on the floor and his head on the couch. Since she still has access to her car, she runs back to school, grabs the car, and takes off.

Fear Street Retrospective #31: Switched

While driving around town, she sees Lucy in a car with their friends Margie and Hannah. By the time she parks her car and runs over, Lucy is gone. The other girls say she wasn't there, but she thinks she was. She runs all over the place and thinks she sees her in a store and then by her car. Margie grabs her, but she pushes her down, gets in the car, and races off. Thinking that she just needs to switch back, she takes a picture of Lucy to the wall and jumps over the side. Of course nothing happens, so she goes back to her own house.

After changing clothes and grabbing the only cash she has on hand, she goes to Shadyside High and hangs out in the locker room. Nicole convinces herself that Margie and Hannah know the truth about Lucy.

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Margie hurts herself in gym class, and since she's alone in the locker room, Nicole pops out of a storage closet. She starts blathering about the Changing Wall and Lucy, while Margie pretty much just stares at her in shock. Margie finally admits that she does know where Lucy is and agrees to go to the wall if Nicole will come back afterward and wait for her parents. They hear someone coming in, so she jumps back in the closet.

She comes out to find Margie's dead body on the floor. Assuming it was Lucy again, Nicole decides to go see Lucy's Grandma Carla who is the one person they both love and trust. Part Three: The Reunion.