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I agree. Email Briana at brielaine. You can follow him on instagram at yesthisisandykay and view his website at www. Currently, they are a writer for the sketch team Peach, which can be seen every second Wednesday at The Pack Theater. They received a B. Dan has a truck and can help you out, just in case you are about to move into a new apartment, just feed him and he will be your friend forever.

Dan Kerry has been performing improv since Like most children of LA, he began performing at an early age, appearing in several commercials and generally being just very dramatic. His biggest role was as a child dressed as a tree in a Kodak commercial that only aired in Japan. He is not Japanese.

Please follow him on instagram, he would really appreciate it. Courtney CK Kimball has somehow appeared in several music videos inlcuding GWAR and Anthrax , shown a self-directed short at The Egyptian, written literary reviews for horror magazines and tries too hard to make people laugh. She can be found at kimcour gmail. The songs of olde claim that the monster Jesse Klein grew up in Portland Oregon idolizing the likes of the Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, Burns and Allen, and Monty Python which forced him into a love affair with the theater and the art of comedy.

Jesse is a regular contributor and host at afterbuzz TV. She is very excited to perform with House Pack Theater sketch team Fever. I am currently playing with Big Yellow Taxi here at Pack. I have been improvising since I was 18 and have been through levels at UCB in New York around , the training center at IO around and worked there for maybe five years from — and was lucky enough to have studied with Miles Stroth through the first three levels he ever ran independently outside of IO… right when he was conceptualizing what he wanted the Pack to be.

That was a pretty great time.

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I played on quite a few teams at the IO, and coached, taught and ran workshops for about five years when I was living in VA getting my RN from to right before I moved back to LA. She enjoys writing with ELKS Comedy, acting in the occasional commercial, and receiving external validation. Reels, Show Schedule, and more at LaurenKnutti. Aaron is an award winning playwright and screenwriter from Grapevine, TX. Additionally, her act and solo show features offbeat, hilarious characters that she dreamed up along the way.

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Ben Kuerschner is a joke writer and cheerful malcontent. Besides writing jokes for The Tonight Show, Ben worked there as a coordinator. She also performs stand-up comedy at various spots around LA, from comedy clubs to house party shows. Justin Lain loves characters and bits. He Loves you! Yes He Does! Andrew Lee is a writer and sometimes performer living in Los Angeles.

After graduating college, he jump started his writing career by working as a budget analyst for the NYC government. There was a time when Kevin Lee was really, really sad. But it was a good thing!

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Because it changed him from someone who just imagines their life to someone who actually lives it. Took Kevin a while to get there though. As he was figuring it out, he graduated college and worked as a Copywriter; it was cool but creatively unfulfilling. So Kevin started taking improv at UCB. What he really wanted was something where he could take all the crazy, ridiculous stuff in his head and bring it to life with a group of equally crazy, ridiculous people.

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Kevin stopped improv to pursue other interests: dance, photography, and most recently, DJing. Then he found out about sketch classes at the Pack. Through the Pack, he found his tribe and a way to truly express himself. Dianna Lee is an improviser and actor originally from La Verne, California. She is represented theatrically and commercially by The Library Agency. Dianna loves animals more than anything. Visit her Facebook page for hourly animal videos.

He started performing theater in college and in small theaters in Long Beach. After performing in various plays along with various comedic and musical vaudeville shows, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy. Amy Judd Lieberman has performed as Amy Amnesia in sideshow and variety shows across the country for the last 13 years. Originally from Philadelphia, she came to Los Angeles to act, freak people out, puppeteer, and sing; somehow along the way she also earned a law degree. See her perform with her sketch team, Fever, every first Sunday at The Pack Theater at 8PM; writing with, puppeteering with, and being on the board of the Rogue Artists Ensemble; or swallowing swords at various venues around town.

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Jay Light is a comedian and writer who escaped from a sheltered suburban upbringing in Dallas, TX and wound up in Los Angeles. He is a veteran stand-up who has performed at clubs, colleges, and festivals around the world, and is a regular performer at the world-famous Comedy Store, in particular at their runaway hit show Roast Battle.

As of current, Carli is focusing on character and improv work at The Groundlings but truly prefers to perform one act musicals of Chicago, Hairspray or the greatest hits of Janis Joplin on command. Special skills include walking on hands, baby voices and badass hair braiding. Please contact for any information regarding voice over inquiries commercial or cartoon. Also, is attempting to stay off the grid when it comes to social media but trying her best to keep up with the number hungry times.

Self represented and self motivated. Still dreaming of being a rockstar, but clowns are groovy too. Peace and Love!!! Caitlin Linden is a comedy writer and performer around town. Caitlin lived in Chicago for 6 years and did too much improv: she worked for The Second City, performed on Harold teams at iO, and did some pretty weird stuff that no one remembers at The Annoyance.

Born between a cow and a corn field in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Andrea soon bored of the cow and started following her family around with a video camera. Andrea writes and performs on the house sketch team Friendo at The Pack Theater. When not writing complimentary bios about herself, Andrea enjoys reviewing local nachos, and serving as seeing-eye-human for her blind dog Max. She is definitely a Rhoda.

They were also featured in Wired Japan. He has spent quite a bit of time in Fullerton, CA taking classes and honing his craft at the Spectacles Improv Engine where he is a member of several short form and long form improv teams. Colin Longstaff is a multi-hyphenate personality living in Los Angeles, California.

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  8. After being abandoned at age 3 she was taken in by a group of traveling circus performers. The whole circus put together their entire earnings and put Nika through 9 years of comedy training. On a bright, clear day, Eli Magers emerged from a cornfield in rural Indiana. He glanced upon the Earth and declared his existence to which he immediately packed his meager belongings into a gold Pontiac Grand Prix and drove to Los Angeles, California.

    Shalimar is an actor, singer, writer and improviser hailing all the way from the suburbs of Los Angeles, California.

    At The Pack Theater she has studied sketch writing and is part of house sketch team Moonshot. She obviously hates comedy. Credits include sketch shows at Second City, improv house team Excelsior! He has appeared in numerous commercials, was awarded a Certificate of Congressional Recognition for organizing comedy events and performs stand-up all over Los Angeles at various venues including The Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv, Laugh Factory and The Ice House as well as numerous other clubs, bars and wherever he can get on stage.

    In addition to performing with his house team, Snack City! You can see him on Modern Family as a flying monkey. Also, you can hear his voice as various cops and murderers on the podcasts Serial Killers and Unsolved Murders.