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Also, it's nomination madness!!!

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Full list of nominees after this weeks new releases. Have a great weekend! Sunday, February 05, I've been tagged! I'm not entirely sure what this means, but I've been tagged by my sister , and looks like a fun questionnaire thingy LOVE questionnaires so I am more than happy to answer!! Somewhere with clear warm water to swim in and no animals that bite Planet Shannon!

Hello Film Fans an Fanatics!! Its a big week this week, with Oscar Nominations announced Tuesday morning!! Moments after printing the list of nominees I was armed with my trusty orange highlighter and making my predictions!

Over the years I have found this method to be the most successful way to pick the winners. It doesn't mean that is who I want to win, just who I think will win. The leader of the pack is Brokeback Mountain with 8 nominations. That is a lot of movies!! I have 17 on my really want to see list, 7 that I'm on the fence about and 2 that I think I will leave out as I am not fond of the content or theme of the films. Of course, after figuring out which films you want to see, then it becomes a matter of not only plotting the time to see them, but figuring out where if anywhere are they showing.

Looks like I'll be at the Carlton a fair amount, which works for me as they have good tea there and its by the subway : First up we have this weeks releases, YAY for Cancon with A Simple Curve.

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I am also seeing some familiar titles from the film festival with Fateless and Vers le Sud. Oh, I remember getting corrected more than one time on how I pronounced that title Oscar Nomination List by of Nominations. What makes you want to see a film? I often wonder to myself: what determinds if I'm interested in seeing a film? There are a lot of things that can contribute to it, seeing a preview of course, the previous works of the people involved, a recommendation from a friend or maybe even a print ad. Oh, and theme of course I get stuck on reviews, previews and even discussing films at all as I hate spoilers.

HATE them. And so often people will start off a sentence saying "This won't tell you anything Don't tell me! Please do not tell me!! You think that doesn't give away anything? Sure sure.. In some ways I can't help it, I try and pretend my mind isn't working overtime to analyze everything I've seen and heard about the film but.. I can't control it! I do also realize that not everyone is as insane about this as I am.

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Well, now that is the kicker - how do you write a review without giving away something about the film? I've thought about writing them but wonder, is it even possible? I remember sitting in Paramount waiting so see the 12th or so film at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and there was a couple near me that were discussing the films they had seen. Something along the lines of "Oh, there was a boy and he was unhappy and he got a dog but missed him when he went away to school and the family had a BBQ Here you are seeing some amazing films and you are talking about the stinkin' plot?

About a kid and his dog? I almost fell off my chair. I mean, the plot is important and all but is that the only thing you walk away with?? What was the mood? What was the message? What was the theme? How did you feel?

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Was there an amazing use of colour or sound? What was the experience of seeing the film? Were you close to the front?

What was the theatre like? Did you see it with someone? Did you have similiar or conflicting reactions? Were you bored? Some of my favorite movies I'm not even sure if there was a plot. Then again there are plot based films and non plot based films. All in all I think I'm drawn to films that spark my curiousity. What is that about? Who is doing that? Where was it filmed? Do people like it,.. That being said if I do write about a film in a non-Film Fan Friday's post I will most likely be discussing details that would be considered spoilers.

So I guess this is my spoiler alert for any like minded souls out there. Wednesday, February 01, The Fin in Fashinilmamends. The Fin stands for Finance, one of the things I am focusing on at the moment. I'm currently taking a Bookkeeping class, which feels slightly bizarre to me considering that I have always had and affinity for working with numbers and money. I'm always the one who gets to figure out the bill at the end of the night, I calulate tax in my head before I get to the register at a store, my personal budget records are shall we say, The only jobs I can think of where it didn't involve math or numbers of some kind I only did for 3 weeks or less.

Most of the jobs I've held were very focused on the figures, from selling balloons to manually calculating payroll deductions. So, its kinda funny after all this to now be taking this class. And even more funny is that a lot of it is really dry and really simple.

planetshannon: February

But then sometimes, I'm like I don't get it!! That makes no sense! It worked very well last year. Get the word out. It's Lotusphere , baby. That's funny. Let's assume, there will be now, divide that by 1. Somebody must have done some serious window dressing. Posts that contain Web 2.

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Update: Amy says it is the version. The latest has yet to come out. It isn't done yet, but Microsoft had to get the press release out before Lotusphere.

Runaway - Ausreißer (Boy Zone)

Photo: Ute Breitinger. Richard MacManus sez mapping and Google Maps continue to dominate the mashup scene and: I wonder how long before we begin to see more non-mapping mashups - for example search, shopping, news. I suspect there are many mashup niches waiting to be filled in So gentlemen , start your engines, please! There is need for speed. I was pulled over yesterday for running a stop sign. Vell, I tried my ferry pest german aksent, err, ehmm, Notice anything? It's a Domino URL! After embarassing themselves with Portal and Workplace for two years Lotus went back to Domino.

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You can start immediately. Holy cow! Alex Bosworth discusses the weakness of del. Idiots never die Keeping track of time is an alleged trivial task but it can be a quite annoying procedure. Particularly if your staff is working distributed in different locations.