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Es war aber ziemlich windig am Strand, und wir haben viele deutsche Turisten getroffen. Ich hatte den Eindruck, dass jeder Deutsch sprach. Der Strand war sehr lang, so dass ich ein paar mal abends joggen gegangen bin. Am Ende habe ich sogar meinen Segelschein geschafft. Mein kleiner Bruder war total begeistert von der Kinderanimation im Hotel.

Abends sind wir immer zur Kinderdisco gegangen, wo er zusammen mit anderen Kindern tanzen und spielen konnte. I spent a week on Mallorca, Spain. Our hotel was near Alcudia, a small town on the northern coast. The hotel had two pools, a nice garden, and the beach was just a few meters away. It was quite windy at the beach though, and we met many German tourists.

I had the impression that everybody was speaking German. The beach was very long, so that I went jogging in the evening a few times. The food was very good, and we had a buffet in the morning and in the evening. My mother loved the showy cooking where they prepared the fish for the guests. I also had a crash course in sailing at a local sailing school. The other pupils came from different countries, but everybody tried to speak in English.

At the end, I even got my sailing license. That was hard work in such a short time, so I am quite proud. My little brother loved the animation for children in the hotel. In the evening, we always went to the dance club for kids where he could dance and play together with other children. The only thing I didn't like was that there was no free wifi at the hotel. Have you ever been on a rather adventurous trip, like a safari in Africa or a trip through India? Dies war eine gute Gelegenheit, die anderen Teilnehmer schon ein bisschen kennen zu lernen.

Wir schliefen in Zelten, und das Plumpsklo war tief im dunklen Wald verborgen. Alle Tiere, die ich dort gesehen habe, waren auf dem Wasser. Wir haben vom Kajak aus viele Fotos geschossen. Jeden Tag sind wir woanders hingepaddelt und haben uns einen neuen Schlafplatz gesucht. Deshalb mussten wir immer all unsere Sachen im Kajak verstauen. Das war zuerst recht kompliziert und hat lange gedauert. So eine Reise hatte ich vorher noch nie gemacht und alles war sehr aufregend.

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Eine Reise, die man nicht vergisst. Many of them have obvious hair or fur, and if you cut them open, the anatomical similarities to land mammals are pretty obvious. For dolphins, porpoises, manatees, and whales, the situation is a bit murkier.

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However, I learned one very obvious distinction between aquatic mammals and fish from watching the Chuck Jones cartoon The White Seal in first grade. After seeing this film, based on one of the stories from The Jungle Book —volume two, I believe—several times as a kind and really enjoying it, I was pleases to discover it on a cheap DVD a few years ago. If people noticed this similarity between the obviously mammalian amphibious animals and the fully aquatic ones, they might notice other, less obvious and, again, possibly internal things that suggest that cetaceans and such are not fish.

Opossums actually evolved in South America at a time when it was still separate from North America, and came north during the Great American Interchange three million years ago. At the time, there were no placental ordinary mammals in South America, and although marsupials had once existed in North America and Eurasia, they had become extinct. The marsupial colonization of Antarctica and Australia happened before they separated from South America. Can anyone with access to the OED confirm this? Antlions, though not aquatic, would be another example of something named after a mammal which is not actually a mammal.

The Wikipedia article has some interesting discussion of the name in various languages — e. Some of these names may have arisen from the old belief that for every land animal there was a corresponding sea animal. In this section he touches on some of the points people have made in this thread:. For that which is commonly called a Sea-horse, is properly called a Morse, and makes not out that shape. That which the Ancients named Hippocampus is a little animal about six inches long, and not preferred beyond the classis of Insects.

That which they termed Hippopotamus an amphibious animal, about the River Nile, so little resembleth an horse, that as Mathiolus observeth, in all except the feet, it better makes out a swine. That which they termed a Lion, was but a kind of Lobster: that which they called the Bear, was but one kind of Crab: and that which they named Bos marinus, was not as we conceive a fish resembling an Ox, but a Skait or Thornback, so named from its bigness, expressed by the Greek word Bous, which is a prefix of augmentation to many words in that language.

The general public often use the words dolphin and porpoise interchangebly. Nice catch. My dictionaries have some appropriately horrid pictures of the creature, quite enough to give an ant nightmares. A turtle without a shell? Could it be as small as that of understanding the differences between daisies and marigolds, or between consubstantiation and transsubstantiation? Or might the cash value be at least as great as that of understanding the differences between object-oriented and functional programming?

Medizinisches Training bei den Seehunden

One never knows. There are some known species of anurans, all of which look more or less froggy or toady. We cannot usefully carve the anurans into frogs on the one hand and toads on the other. For example, a group suborder of four closely related families comprise the tailed frogs, the fire-bellied toads, the painted frogs, and the New Zealand primitive frogs, for instance. Considering just the fire-bellied toads, there are nine species, of which seven are called toads and two frogs.

But if we confine ourselves for the moment to true frogs and true toads, we can say that frogs jump whereas toads hop. Furthermore, frogs have moist smooth skin and live mostly in the water or in moist land environments, whereas toads have dry bumpy warty skin and live mostly on dry land. Frogs have bulging eyes, toads have poison glands behind their non-bulging eyes.

There are other differences, but that should do to go on with. Sir JCass: Excellent finds! David Eddyshaw: Thanks for the explanations about the Japanese words; my Japanese is, needless to say, entirely minimal. John Cowan: In pre-interchange South America, the carnivores were marsupials and the herbivores were placentals.

Seehund Aufzuchtstation Friedrichskoog - Picture of Seehundstation Friedrichskoog

I am not entirely sure of the difference between dolphin and porpoise , or in French between dauphin and marsouin. It is possible that one is Mediterranean and the other inhabits other seas. In any case I think the differences are minor. According to Japanese Wikipedia the entomologist hero is studying tiger beetles. Not sure if the eponymous Woman is such a bad fate to end up with.

Prettier than the pictures of Ant Hells, anyhow. Gervase then tells a story about a sailor who spears a dolphin for fun during a voyage in the Mediterranean. A storm suddenly blows up and the crew of the ship fear for their lives. A knight riding a dolphin appears and says they will be saved if the sailor who threw the spear hands himself over.

The guilty sailor agrees and he is taken to a distant land where he is shown a knight lying sick in bed with a spear protruding from his side.

Seehund Aufzuchtstation Friedrichskoog - Picture of Seehundstation Friedrichskoog - TripAdvisor

The sailor removes the spear and he is brought back to his ship. From then on sailors have thought it bad luck to harm dolphins. Indeed the value of abstract knowledge can be hard to predict.