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In their small locker room, the bull riders scrape rosin from their bull ropes, the only tool, aside from their blunt spurs, that they are allowed to use to hang on. They will all attempt to stay on a bull today for 8 seconds, and the 15 lucky riders with the most points will continue to the championship round, for another ride and a chance at prize money.

Injuries, even catastrophic ones, are ever-present.

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I pay the price every morning when I put on my socks. I feel it everywhere. Today he reminds young bull riders to stay focused on the riding, not the trappings. The riders, though, are not there for the audience. They are chasing transcendence, 8 seconds at a time. I remember being in my prime and in great shape and having a ride and just feeling spent, feeling my legs like rubber under me, and that was a great feeling.

Out in the arena, the day gets under way. Fireworks, prayer, a pair of women in midriff-baring tops sponsored by Monster energy drinks to escort the riders out for introductions. The rodeo clown tries to dance like Michael Jackson, jokes about horse manure, fires branded stress balls into the crowd. Kids wiggle in their seats and spill the popcorn.

Bud Light is served all around. Some leave their cowboy hats behind in favor of a helmet, which will soon be required for all PBR riders. They help each other onto the bulls, bracing themselves as they pull the rope tight for a buddy. Show us your tips and tricks, bake treats or set up an agility course. We had a dog on the show going for the world record in balloon popping and had him do a practice run.

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Perhaps a student or school won a science award or is in a competition. Bring in your science experiment or robot.

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Yoga poses to help you sleep. Or, tips on perfecting your running form. If you are a beauty expert, hair or make-up artist: Grab attention with a topic that is relatable to the masses. The more people you appeal to the better.

Show us foundation applications for hot summer days, new eyebrow shape trends and how to master them. Demonstrate how to make sweaty gym hair look cute or even tips to cut your own hair. Share your secrets for perfecting BBQ grill marks. Cook with the latest trendy gadgets. Prepare the must-eat side dish for any gathering, make a desert on the BBQ or wow us with vegan dishes that you would never guess were vegan. Those are just a few examples. With some creativity and outside-the-box thinking, there is almost always a way to make a segment or story idea interactive and fun.

Since segments move really quickly, you need to be able to do all this in three to four minutes. Do let us know well in advance, four to eight weeks ahead of when you hope to have your story featured is ideal. Our show is often fully booked.

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Some of our best segments come from viewer emails. You have nothing to lose by sending us your ideas, just make sure they are clear, concise, and creative. Click here to comment on this poll. There are youth discounts , which also depend upon the trip. For families , the basic tent with adjacent tepee is an ideal setup. Parents get the fluffy bed, children get to sleep in the tepee. The shared bathhouse an adventure for kids is surprisingly modern with hot running water, showers, a flushing toilet versus pump and ceramic sinks. National parks generally have well-marked trails. But for anything more complicated like guided hikes, zip lining, horseback riding or river rafting, assistance is available through a concierge.

At dusk, staff members light up the fire pit, a communal hub. There are nightly activities volleyball, horseshoes, live music as well as talks by National Park Service staff and astronomer-led stargazing. Food is not included in the overnight rate. All locations offer a cowboy cookout, a Western-style barbecue with live bluegrass music not included in the price on alternating days of the week. Only Yellowstone has a restaurant, Bar-N-Ranch , on site.

Rates are based on double occupancy per tent.


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Note: A car is necessary to travel to and from the location, as well as to enter the park. If seclusion is your aim, this property delivers privacy and then some. The closest grocery store is 2. A mile-long hike is required — with luggage — to reach the property from the parking lot. Cell service? Not a chance. At this elevation, even electricity is generator-powered. And therein lies the charm of this wilderness retreat, which borders both Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Most tents have twin beds. But there are a few king-size ones. Again, no grungy outhouses to contend with.

A modern bathhouse with single-sex restrooms flush toilets and outdoor showers with hot water is walking distance from cabins.