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Reaction was priceless. You take one quarter and color the one side of it. Stir it up so they won't notice it in there. Take some spare change, and super glue outside on sidewalk. Well its time you played a little joke on them! This month, my parents and I went shopping at Walmart for awhile.

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I had been carrying the roll of … Click here to write your own. Pink works great. They will be surprised when they discover their nails are painted! A good front lawn prank for April fools day. Me and my friends knocked on the door of the girls we dislike and were nice to them.

First lay out the plastic wrap and pour the liquid glue over it. She had to put her index and thumb through the crack of the door. We then coloured it with a mix of hot chocolate and coffee. We Ripped It Up … Click here to write your own. My 17 year old brother finally turned … Click here to write your own.

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Click here to see the rest of the form and complete your submission. Put the uncooked macaroni pieces under the toilet seat where it rests on the lower …. Put the sugar in the salt shaker and salt in the sugar container, …. We then walked in from the opposite side which was out of …. Ore-Oh no! I did this to my brother who is 15 and he hit me and …. How Did I Get Here The next morning they each woke up in another bed and wondered ….

Go into the bathroom while they are taking a shower, with a cup and fill it up in the sink with …. Then I told her …. Use a toothpick and some ketchup to fill in the outside …. Before she wakes up, put a few good clumps on either side of her pillow, and sprinkle some over the …. Then my mum thought that …. Put plastic wrap the type you use for food over the door frame and when your victim …. Then trick your victim by saying you saw a hundred ….

Click here to write your own. Make sure they …. I told him …. You can use ….

I did this to my sister and she freaked …. They will squeeze and squeeze and watching them squeeze is …. Another time we bought a moustache stamp and gave all the ….


Now, go up to your dumb friend and tell him how …. When your dad hangs his coat in and is untying his shoes,push ….

It works best when …. Choose a place that you can see …. When i played this joke my target never …. We removed one, replaced it with a real …. Take a lot of napkins and put chocolate pudding mousse in the middle and when nobody is looking, get …. You will need: Some decorations Optional Maybe a binder …. I had been carrying the roll of …. This works especially …. Then …. Take a pile of dog poop put it in a diaper leave ….

So when …. Just take a blank piece of paper and wrap it around a bar of soap and write really repulsive things on it like …. While my …. Put the flour or baby powder on the fan wings of your roof fan and …. Place a string that is see-through around it or through one …. Then take 1 cup of cat food preferably …. We then placed the ….

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We asked one of the guys to turn it on and there was a winter wonderland in …. Stick it on and go to wash your …. We Ripped It Up …. My 17 year old brother finally turned …. Pranks Picture Jokes Bored? The Joy Of Prank Them! Close Help Entering your story is easy to do.

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Felicity Wilcox is twenty years old, and thanks to a profligate uncle, she and her somewhat eccentric father find themselves ousted from their family home, Tethering, and have to move in to Blossom Cottage, a much smaller house on the edge of the estate. The book opens with Felicity being almost knocked into a stream and rescued by a handsome stranger.

They converse, share a picnic and are instantly attracted to each other. When they go their separate ways, Felicity allows herself to dream a little about him, wondering if she will ever see him again. When he turns out to be none other than Mr. A few days later, she overhears some servants at Tethering gossiping about someone having a morbid fear of ghosts and immediately jumps to the conclusion that they are talking about James.

Felicity comes up with a plan to scare him away by dressing up as a ghost and prowling around the house at night making spooky noises. Now, I have no problem with fluff — in fact I enjoy a nice, light-hearted read, and I had high hopes for this book. But sadly, the premise is so flawed as to have made it difficult for me to enjoy the story. The whole thing is built on a very unsteady foundation. But Felicity has it in her head that this cannot be legal and contacts the family solicitor in the hopes that the transaction will be proven unlawful and James Collington will be shown to have no rights to the property.