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Military operations continued on March 22 and 23 and are due to continue in the coming days Attack in Jerusalem: the hand of Tehran? Libya: Operation "Odyssey dawn", days 2 and 3. Libya: Operation "Odyssey dawn", day 1. Libya: what's next? This could be the turning point in the civil war which ravages Libya French recognition of the Libyan rebels is a gamble. The abduction of 23 oil workers in the eastern Vichada department earlier this week proves once more that criminal groups Afghanistan - Status and prospects in The year ended as one of the most significant years in the latest conflict in Afghanistan Democratic Republic of the Congo: rumours and very little facts as government speaks of attempted coup.

Various declarations and statement in the last days highlighted the increased chances of a Western military intervention in Libya Libya: dictatorship or chaos?

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The ongoing events in Libya are not similar to those which happened in Tunisia in January and in Egypt a few weeks ago Egypt: double or quits for President Hosni Mubarak? Even if the situation is extremely tense and volatile in Cairo and other Egyptian cities, the game is not yet over for President Mubarak Ever since the evening of 14 January and the announcement of the unexpected departure of President Ben Ali Moscow attack could be linked to "succession war" in Chechen terrorism; it questions security level in Russia and in Airports Worldwide.

An explosion obviously linked with terrorism occurred today in Domodedovo airport, near Moscow Tunisie: le retour du parti islamiste interdit La Libre Belgique. Tunisia: the day after.

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  • Hours after President Ben Ali fled the country, the situation appeared to be absolutely out of control in Tunisia Tunisia: what's next? Bosnia and Herzegovina likely to persist in deadlock over forming a central government.

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    • Palais et demeures de Tunis (XVIe et XVIIe siècles) - Persée!
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    • Two French hostages killed in Niger during an attemp to free them. Elements underscoring Cartel involvement in Pemex pipeline blast. Tensions on the rise ahead of South Sudan Referendum. What the terrorist attack in Stockholm tells us on a possible new threat and on a terrorist weakness. Two explosions rocked the center of Stockholm Saturday night. This attack underlines both a new possible threat Consequences of the social crisis for Algeria's stability. The increase of civil unrest incidents reported daily across Algeria has emphasized the scale of the social crisis Light on the Balkan drug routes.

      Fernando Enrique Cardoso Brazil: Defence, an issue… of state. Russia: terrorism trends show extension of threat far beyond Northern Caucasus. The growing number of terrorist attacks reported over the last months in Northern Caucasus Federal reflected alarming trends Colombia: an overview of the Farc's military structure.

      The resumption of construction in the settlements threatens the security of Israel. The government of Mr. Netanyahu has yielded to its most radical wing once again by ending the moratorium on settlement. Le gouvernement de M. We are just beginning to draw some conclusions from the espionage scandal which has developed in the United States Euro Atlantique ou Moyen-orientale? Euro-Atlantic or Middle Eastern? Turkey seeks a strategic compromise. The recent Turkish-Israeli crisis which occurred immediately after the attack on the humanitarian assistance flotilla United States: the resignation of Dennis Blair and the shortcomings of the position of Director of Intelligence.

      On 21 May, Dennis C. Le 21 mai dernier, Dennis C. This Saturday, May 22 , will be a test for the fledgling organisation Sharia4Belgium, after it has applied After being held for ten months by the Tehran regime, Miss Clotilde Reiss was freed and arrived back in France Kyrgyzstan: the Rosa Revolution. On 24 March, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the tulip revolution which brought him to power, The Polisario Front and the development of terrorism in the Sahel.

      For the past thirty-five years, the conflict surrounding the Western Sahara has disturbed North Africa and caused tension The Tindouf refugee camps: the responsibilities confronting Algeria and the Polisario Front. For more than 30 years, the Polisario Front and Algeria have systematically and categorically turned down requests Samedi 13 mars Georgia: President Mikhail Saakashvili, more isolated than ever. Saturday, 13 March At the time when the local television stations broadcast their traditional evening news Kabylie: repression and a plan for autonomy.

      Histoire de la marine française de l'Antiquité à la Renaissance

      Central Asia: between myths and realities, the state of the islamist threat. One about-face follows another as the Islamic Republic of Iran re-shuffles the deck. Yesterday Mahmud Ahmadinejad played the card Chile under Sebastian Pinera: shifts within a policy of continuity and really innovative aspirations. Le Chili avec M.

      Chronique d'histoire régionale

      At the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan: the grand game against terrorism. This can be achieved only through concerted national Aux confins du Pakistan et de l'Afghanistan : le grand jeu contre le terrorisme. Is Syria undergoing change?

      Comprendre l'histoire du peuple français au moyen âge [La Corporation ou la Patrie du travailleur]

      During these past few years, and even more so during these past few months, the Syrian regime has engaged in a vast operation La Syrie est-elle en train de changer? What the flight case teaches us on air security and Al-Qaeda. The attempt to blow up a U. Turkmenistan: gas under pressure.

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      Democratic Party of Albania selects a staunch communist as leader Albania Examiner. An open letter to Swiss citizens and to those who praise them excessively for the vote on minarets. I have the feeling that I am about to say something you will find painful. And that I am going to disappoint Je sens que je vais vous faire de la peine. Swiss xenophobia reflected in the vote to ban minarets The Media Line.

      Armenia: the Turkish deal of President Sarkissian. It took a bit less that three years for the wish expressed in by Serge Sarkissian, at the time Defence Minister of Armenia Fort Hood rampage: 'The most destructive terrorist act committed on the American soil since Looking beyond the tragedy, the massacre at Fort Hood appears extremely interesting for any expert in terrorism La tuerie de Fort Hood : "L'acte terroriste le plus grave commis aux Etats-Unis depuis le 11 septembre ".

      Caspian Sea: the headache of sharing it out. New evidence reopens monks' massacre case The New Zealand Herald. Is Iranian Shiite expansionism a threat to the Arab countries? On 6 March , Rabat severed diplomatic relations with Tehran. This kind of measure is extremely grave and is taken L'expansionnisme chiite iranien : une menace pour les pays arabe?

      Peru: causes for concern. In this beginning of the second part of his presidential term, Mr. Alan Garcia faces a difficult domestic situation Women, God, the Burqua and the veil: divergent signals from Paris and Brussels. The Islamic veil has again come under the spotlight of the media at this very beginning of summer Legislative elections in Albania: any change in prospect?

      Albania is now officially integrated within NATO. Just a few weeks ago it put forward its candidacy for the European Union The Lebanese elections. The defeat of Hezbollah: is this a new turn of events for the land of Cedars? The Lebanese legislative elections held last week-end elicited great interest on the part of the electorate as we see from the high Elections libanaises.

      La femme, Dieu, la burqa et le voile : signaux divergents de Paris et Bruxelles. Avec des signaux totalement divergents For now, spies downplay French jet bomb scenario Reuters. Flight No hint of bomb News Gaza : le grand mensonge. Asie centrale : la bataille de l'eau. Central Asia: the battle over water. Three recent gatherings have moved the issue of managing and sharing water resources to the very foreground of attention Tajikistan: the weak link. After the terrible bloodshed of a civil war came to an end in having bled the country white, having claimed more than 50, lives Tadjikistan : le maillon faible.

      Binghamton slaughter: could it be an al-Qaeda linked attack? Central Asia: big Russian manoeuvres. Against a background of Russian-Western rivalries, struggles for influence to control the immense energy resources of Central Asia Aise centrale : les grandes manoeuvres russes.

      Population Introduction - Population

      Nord Eclair. Operation "Cast lead" in Gaza: analysis and prospects. The beginning of was marked by a new earth tremor and a stench of sulphur in the Middle East where violence has not ended by undermining our make-believe ideas Georgia: somber prospects for If seems likely to be a more delicate year due to the worldwide economic crisis touched off by the financial crisis The Israeli elections: Kadima has carried the day for the time being but Likud is winning the election.

      Concerned as they are about the security situation, the Israelis were not very interested in these elections Iran to probe into Parachinar 'genocide' Press TV. Hamas the armed wing of Iran. By winning the legislative elections of January and then taking control of the Gaza Strip during a bloody Putsch in June Barack Obama and the temptation of politicising Intelligence.

      More than a month after having named the principal senior officials of his administration in charge of national security Barack Obama et la tentation de la politisation du renseignement.