Guide How to Make a Tote Bag, using Patchwork with Scrunch Handles

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The pictures help with deciding which one to make. I have to say this could not have come at a more perfect time I have been looking for some easy to do gifts for the kiddos and my daughter and these are perfect. Thank you! This comes at the perfect time. I was just thinking last night that I needed to make some totes for myself and my daughter.

Thanks for the photos…great inspiration! Have been making totes for years; made them for groceries long before it was fashionable! So easy; so versatile; so useful. Sewing is very relaxing as you are so focused. With these easy bags, you have a finished product as well.

Slow down!

Name required. Mail will not be published required. Change the stitch length to 3. Re-open the creases for the hem that you just created. Start stitching at the bag opening and ending at the fabric fold. Before to backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam to secure the threads.

Free Tote Bag Patterns - Page 4

Finger press the side seams open. To create a boxed bottom, line up the side seam with the center of the bottom of the bag; creating a triangle. Stitch across the triangle tip as shown. Thread the sewing machine with denim or topstitching thread in the needle.

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Use universal thread in the bobbin. Change the stitch length to 4. If using the sew straight laser vision guide, align the laser with the folded edge of the fabric.

Tuck in the sides and crease. Use the guide line at the top of the batting. The bottom of the strip will be trimmed of later. I use parchment paper to keep the iron from touching the batting.

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As the bag gets covered with fabric strips the paper is no longer needed. The right sides are facing. Flip back the second strip and fuse it to the batting. Keep the iron away from the batting. Use a hot, dry iron for the fusing. Turn the bag unit over and trim the strips even with the interfacing. Do second side of the bag.

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Make the decorative trim strip for the top of the bag. Lay this pleat along the edge of a top trim strip and sew very carefully. After sewing, flip the pleat over and press well. Lay the trim strip along the top of the bag unit and press to the batting. Do the other bag unit. Glue the batting to the interfacing to create the bag bottom. There is an extra shorter piece of extra thick stabilizer like Timtex glued to the center of the interfacing. It is secured by the quilting. Fuse a piece of fabric to the batting. Mark the quilting lines. They are centered on the bag bottom. Machine quilt. Make the handles using the pattern measurements. Fuse a strip to the edge of the handle fabric. Fold the batting section and fuse the other side of the batting strip.

THE BEST 1/2 yard TOTE! Quick, Easy Sewing Fun for EVERYONE :)

Top stitch the other side of the handle. Sew the handles to the bag. Make a button loop according to the diagrams on the pattern.