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I could be wrong…could you provide proof from the the story? This is the best story to all kids who want to be a magician. Matt Canadianintokyo This is the best story to all kids who want to be a magician. I think this is neither entertaining,educative or morale boosting! So what is the purpose of this story? Does it condone stealing and killing?

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I agree with Matt Canadianintokyo totally. My thoughts exactly and I am a parent so Matt, you are not alone even if you are not a parent. Wow, at last I found a site where I can read "Jack in the Beanstalk"! I tried to buy a book in the bookstore, but they said they were out of stock.

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So my mom just told me to search in the internet about it, I need this for our book report. Jack was a horrible thief, I told my children his mother shouldve made him return those stolen items! The Giant in the sky is the Asiatic Mandingo Moor, whether in the Holy City of Mecca or in Andalus, ancient Spain, during the middle ages, or on-high in the Heavens, due to the fact that we have reached the pinnacle of wisdom.

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Like Delilah in the Bible, who betrays Samson, the strongest man who ever lived, the brotha is done in by the very same woman who slept in his arms, so the Giant's own wife betrays him by lying to him, about who was in his house! The Giant smelled Jack, the same way the Prophet said "we will one day smell the Europeans, leaving in their boxcars, going back to Europe! This man, the seller of the beans, was already wealthy, but he wanted to chase after gods of whom he knew nothing, thru Hindu cow worship no offense to any Hindus out there , or the golden calf worship of Moses' people in the Bible.

Jack did his dirty work while the Giant slept, so now u know why the Prophet said "you Moors sleep to much, wake up you sleepy headed Moors, your bread is being eaten by another! Fairy tales, lore and stories of all manner of their respective day had far greater "meaning" and "purpose".

Jack and the Beanstalk

All these stories are " teaching tools" of the day and some of the teaching is quite dark. This tale is one of the more complex. As a parent, I see these tales with new eyes as I read them to our kids. As a professional voice actor and narrator, this new perspective lends as much depth to my read as it does quaundy to my noggin. Thank you for answering the insurmountable call to education. Lol jack basically stole all the Giants stuff then killed him when he got caught, left the nice giant wife alone with no husband and jacks a dough bag lol not hating on the story actually like it but damn if you think about it in another way jack actually sucks didn't need to go back up after getting the hen that lays golden eggs xD.

Forgot to mention that, the Giant had killed and robbed his Dad earlier in storybook life, and that is why they were so poor. That is the real issue here. Latest Comments. Rebekah Adewole. Amazing xxxx for children :,. Pulkit Madan. Troi-Ann Jennings. Michael Diccion. Binh tran. Jorinda Mah. Khalid Hasanat. Matt Canadianintokyo.

Think and Grow Rich is a better read.

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Joe Edwards. Good idea, point of view from each one of the major characters. Very smart of you! Karen Lewis. Fairy tales tell us something about society, what it values or what it should value. Michael Anthony Toquero. Yonatan Jori. Maxene Claire Guerra. Gideon Ngugi. Mashira Stevens.

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Calvin Dehal. Cool this is going to be my homework.

Joshua Adornado. Dora Green. I read about it in school wit my kids years old. Keith McConnell. The two were married and lived happily everafter.

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Sleeping Beauty - A princess was born and an old fairy placed a spell that she would prick her finger on a spindle when she was 16 and die. The good fairies made another spell so that she would only sleep for years and a prince would awaken her. When she was 16, the witch, disguised as an old lady, showed her a spinning wheel and she touched the spindle and fell asleep. The good fairies decided to make everyone sleep. After years, a prince from another land found her and kissed her. Everyone awoke, they married and lived happily every after.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Snow White's evil stepmother wanted to be the fairest in the land and was jealous of Snow White's beauty. The stepmother ordered Snow White to be killed but the huntsman spared her life. Snow White came upon a cottage that belonged to seven dwarfs and they let her stay. Soon the wicked stepmother found her, disguised herself and took her a poison apple. She fell into a deep sleep and the dwarfs made a crystal coffin for her.

Prince Charming came by the cottage, saw her, kissed her, and she awoke. They were married and lived happily ever after. Three Little Pigs - One pig built a house of straw and the second a house of sticks, because they were lazy.

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The third took the time to build a strong house with bricks. When the big bad wolf came, he huffed and puffed and blew the straw and stick houses down. He couldn't blow down the brick house and the pigs put a pot of boiling water in the fireplace. The wolf fell into it and died. Thumbelina - A woman wished for a baby, even a tiny one. A fairy granted her wish and gave her a seed to plant. When it bloomed, a tiny baby was inside. A toad fell in love with the baby and kidnapped her.