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Two of my favourites are Calico Jack, the pirate, and Sixteen String Jack, the highwayman, both snappy dressers, both more interested in the crack than the moolah, both hanged.

More recently, there's Jack Purvis, the legendary lost jazz musician, criminal, chef and proprietor of a Florida school of Grecian dancing, and Jack Parsons, the rocket scientist who practised black magic, blew himself up, and has a crater named after him on the dark naturally side of the moon. Jacks have often been generously gifted but attractively flawed. Two great Englishmen, one imagined, one real, the rambunctious Sir John Falstaff and the radical John Wilkes, both answered to Jack, and both stand as fine examples.

Jack London and Jack Kerouac, chroniclers of American adventure, lived their books and died young, ruined by fame and excess. John F Kennedy's reputation is a touch tarnished by what might be termed the Jackish parts of his personality, the taste for the fast and louche.

My own father was particularly undull, a lively Lancastrian much given to offering helpful advice such as, upon entering coach or plane, "Sit at the back, you'll get a longer ride. Is there any evidence, though, beyond the anecdotal, that your name influences your behaviour? We are also likely to go into jobs that have associations with our names.

Remarkably, it seems that all those names that make you chuckle are no coincidence.

There was a hidden impulse in the career paths of Miss Sharp the music teacher, Mr C Ensor, chairman of Bedford borough council's standards committee and Mr Peter Atchoo, the pneumonia specialist. Living up - or down - to Jack, then, should not be much of a challenge. But why so many of them?

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Well, according to Professor Richard Wiseman, Britain's only professor for the Public Understanding of Psychology, we think that someone is likely to be lucky if their name sounds like luck and has the same number of letters. So Jacks are thought to be luckier than other men, and Lucy is the luckiest name for a woman. But while Lucy is thought only marginally more lucky than Katie, Jack is believed to be at least twice as lucky as the next man, Chris.

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This, I think, is explained by the fortune-blessed Jacks of fairytales. Psychologists describe such linking as "associative magic", the hope that something might rub off. And the impulse shows no sign of lessening: parents have clearly decided that their children need all the luck they can get. Thus all these new Jacks. But only one, as far as I know, boy named Sue. As it happens, further studies in the US suggest that an unusual name can drive a child on to success or seriously hamper it.

Famous People Named Jack/Jackie (Real & Fictional)

Tough business, this child-rearing, right from before the start. Good luck to every man Jack and woman Jill of you. Topics Family. Reuse this content. After all, the only letters that Jack and John have in common are J- — not much of a connection! For answering this question, we can do no better than quote Withycombe , s.

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The problem was cleared up by E. He showed that there is no recorded instance of Jack , Jak , Jacke , or Jakke ever being used to represent Jacques or James , and that no statement in favor of the French connexion has been produced from any early writer. He then proceeded to elucidate and illustrate with examples the development of Johannes [the standard Latin nominative form] to Jehan [the standard Old and Middle French oblique form] and Jan [the standard Middle Dutch form], whence, by addition of the common suffix -kin [ a uniquely English suffix ], we get Jankin , which as a result of French nasalization becomes Jackin [this is the same nasalization that gets us Harry from Henry ], and was finally shortened to Jack.

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There was a similar development from Jon to Jock the Scottish form of the name. Not much to say beyond that! If anyone has one they could spare…. Filed under dictionary entries.

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