Manual Guide to Sports Betting

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Every casino and sports book operator has another rule policy. This rule may vary by casino as well as the ticket writer in precisely the same casino.

Likewise, that might not necessarily be offered at Monte Carlo. The writer may also offer more if he or she is in a good mood. Even though there might be a coverage for complimentary drink tickets, it might not be followed. If you see a comparable drink ticket coverage hint, and put the right wagers, make certain you receive the tickets.

The worst thing the ticket writer can do is to say no. You tried. Occasionally leaning the ticket writer on a winning bet might get you a beverage ticket or 2. Other Kinds of Wagers Most sports bets are going to be on the point spread, total or a team to win.

However, there are a lot more sports betting options in casinos now. Here are only a couple of examples. Parlays: All these are among the most well-known sports stakes in casinos. A parlay provides the chance at larger wins than most individual game stakes by grouping many teams into a large bet.

You combine two or more teams up to make a parlay. Of course, it is harder than it seems. Parlay Cards: You can put together your own parlay from matches offered or utilize a parlay card provided by the sports book. These cards come in different varieties with different point rules and spreads. A Teaser card gives each team you select extra points while a Pleaser card is precisely the contrary. The Teaser card makes it easier to win a bet but it pays under a traditional parlay.

On the flip side, a Pleaser card makes it more challenging to acquire and pays. Futures: This is a bet on something going on in the future. You can put future bets for many teams in all major sports. New futures bets allow you to bet on players too.


Sports publication operators are now offering odds on league leaders, award winner, and much more. Propositions: These are only sport wagers for certain outcomes. By way of instance, you could bet on a certain player to have over or under a point total for a basketball game. All these opportunities are different for every single match.

How to bet on sports

Proposition bets include a little spice to a game instead of merely betting on a team or a total. There are so many online bookmakers available out there, and that means you can shop around for prices. This guide is not going to come up with an answer of where you can find the best odds every single time on every single bet that you make. Shopping around is the way that you find the best odds. There are so many bet types available, so many different ways to wager on just a single event.

There are, basically, markets and bet types that you will likely never even touch upon. Stick to simple and straightforward ones like win singles and from straight forward markets like the outcome of a F1 Grand Prix. This is pretty much the starting point of all bettors. It could be the winner of a football match, a horse race or a chess match. You are betting one stake to win. This is a familiar term in betting where the bookmaker handicaps the favourite in a match to try and offer betting value to the punter.

If you imagine Barcelona playing Accrington Stanley, then the Spaniards would be no value to back because they would be highly expected to win. But if they are handicapped at -3 for example, it means that Accrington would have a three-goal head start at the kickoff. So you would back either Barcelona to cover that handicap by winning by a four-goal margin, or back Accrington to not lose by more than 3 goals. Read our What Is a Handicap Bet for fuller details. Although there is no such thing as a dead-cert in any sports betting, in certain events you have teams which are more likely to win.

Bankers are used in multiples, where they have to win in order for the bet to return.

Beginner’s Guide to U.S Sports betting

An accumulator is a number of different selections that are combined into one bet. All of the selections have to win in order for the bet to win. This type of bet appeals to beginners because they can be played with a really low stake and offer big odds. A good tip for beginners is to recognise that accumulators, while immense fun, are notoriously difficult bets to actually succeed at.

The more selections in one, the more difficult it becomes. Multiple bets are when a number of different options are rolled into the one wager. At the simple end of things is the accumulator. If at least one of them fails to win, the bet is a bust. But there are multiples available like a Lucky 15 which is a common type of horse racing bet, where not all selections are needed to win.

These work by taking the selections and making all combinations of doubles, trebles and accumulators out of them. So for example, if you have made three selections, you would only need two of them to win to get something back, because a Double could be formed.

Online Betting Guides

Value bets are situations where you assess the probability of odds chance of an outcome happening and think the bookmaker has set them too big. For example, Bayern Munich are even money to beat Chelsea in a Champions League fixtures, but you think the Germans should be stronger odds-on favourites. If you want to find out more about Value Bets, read our full guide.

Advanced Guide To Sports Betting

Real money needs to be managed and maintained to try and prevent the loss of control when betting, especially when emotions creep in. The bankroll is a massively important factor in sports betting. This is basically how much money you have to bet with. This is a big one in sports betting for beginners because it is something that gets overlooked.

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There are plenty of different ways to do this. If all of that goes by the third week, you stop betting because you have no bankroll left. You never, ever want to end up losing more than you can afford to. As you get started to get more into your sports betting you will find and explore new and advanced ways to bet. Things like betting systems, strategies and betting tips will start coming on to your radar.

These are outside influences on your betting and a fuller understanding of betting basics is really needed before jumping into things like this:. As a sports bettor, you will indeed come across betting strategies. There are some famous strategies and systems out there like the Fibonacci and the Martingale ones. These are big lure because they offer a betting plan and most of them will seem pretty foolproof on the surface. Newbies sports betting should probably cast a cautious eye over them. While the math may well stand up, a big flaw about them is that they expect the punter to have a bottomless pit of money.

Another aspect of sports betting are tips. There are ones that you pay for out there online, others are given out for free.

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