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When I was a child, I pretty much played anything with a ball along with downhill skiing. The first sport I really enjoyed was tennis. However, golf became much more of a focus for me throughout my teenage years. In fact, there were several occasions where I was leading a junior tournament, but purposely dropped a shot or two down the stretch.

My dad picked up on this and started asking tournament organizers to request that the second and third-place finishers say something as well.

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This tactic forced me to face my fear and was exceptionally beneficial to me in the long run. Sweden was a wonderful place to grow up. Swedes love their sports and our family was no different. We were always playing something — tennis, golf, soccer, skiing. I think Swedes love the sun and being outdoors and what better sport for that than golf. If I had to pick a favorite course, it would be Bro-Balsta, which is where I learned the game and grew up playing. I have been fortunate to visit many incredibly beautiful places during my career.

Yes, my sister, Charlotta, was a very accomplished player as well. She then moved on to the LPGA and won there as well. Unfortunately, she started having some issues with injuries that cut short her playing career. We were always competitive on the course and off of it. It was quite the journey to get to Colonial, and I cherish the memories made that week, but also the countless hours of work on the course and in the gym that led up to it.

I had incredible support and learned a lot about myself. I think there were a few factors. For one, I had a neck injury that year, which made it harder for me to practice like I needed to maintain my high standard of play. As you note, I think it all depends on motivation. Some players, like a Laura Davies or a Bernhard Langer, are driven to play at a very high level for decades. Others play for a considerably shorter amount of time. Janet Anderson. Donna Andrews. Jody Anschutz. Aditi Ashok. Maria Astrologes.

Lori Atsedes.

List of golfers with most LPGA Tour wins

Debbie Austin. Beth Bader. Baek Kyu-jung. Marisa Baena. Mianne Bagger.

Pam Barnett. Bea Barrett. Sharon Barrett. Tina Barrett.


Barbara Barrow. Pam Barton.

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Beth Bauer. Laura Baugh. Laetitia Beck. June Beebe.

Isabelle Beisiegel. Judy Bell HoF.

Peggy Kirk Bell HoF. Patty Berg HoF. Susie Berning. Missie Berteotti. Silvia Bertolaccini. Georgianna Bishop. Jane Blalock. Erica Blasberg. Minea Blomqvist. Amanda Blumenherst. Christel Boeljon.

Top 100 Courses

Julia Boland. Carly Booth. Jocelyne Bourassa.

Nanci Bowen. Heather Bowie Young. Pat Bradley HoF. Murle Breer. Becky Brewerton. Jerilyn Britz. Lynnette Brooky. Lucy Barnes Brown. Mary Browne. Vivian Brownlee. Bonnie Bryant. Barb Bunkowsky. Betty Burfeindt.

Top ten greatest golfers of all time and why we admire them

Marge Burns. Brandie Burton. Jeanne-Marie Busuttil. Dorothy Campbell HoF. Nikki Campbell.

Top Players - IGFGolf

Donna Caponi HoF. JoAnne Carner HoF. Nicole Castrale. Silvia Cavalleri. Simone de la Chaume. Mei-Chi Cheng. Chella Choi. Choi Na-Yeon. Chun In-gee. Il-Mi Chung. Carlota Ciganda. Holly Clyburn. Kay Cockerill. Dawn Coe-Jones. Janet Coles.