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Mawdsley, Emma. Lange and L. Meier, eds. Dordrecht, London: Springer, Mullich, Joe. Nordin, Astrid.

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Unstable Dichotomies at Expo Nye, Joseph S. New York: Public Affairs. Ong, Aihwa. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, Postrel, Virginia. Roy, Ananya and Aihwa Ong, eds. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing. Scott, James. New Haven: Yale University Press. Sifferlin, Alexandrea. Silla, Cesare. Sze, Julia. Tilt, Bryan. New York: Columbia University Press. United Nations. Wallis, Cara and Anne Balsamo. Wang, Jian. New York: Palgrave MacMillan. Wang Zhenghua and Qu Xiaozhen. Winter, Timothy. World Factbook.

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The Global Cities Reader. A related study of the Expo and nation branding can be found in Wang Indeed, if one factors in visitors from Hong Kong and Macao, both under PRC governance, the numbers are even more striking. For a comparison of global rates of urbanization, see World Bank These figures would arguably be even higher were the government to dismantle its hukou system that restricts migration and denies urban citizenship and its benefits to much of rural China.

For example, the hukou system largely bars children of migrants from attending public schools, thus both limiting the population of youth and deterring potential adult migrants seeking jobs. For further discussion of the hukou system, constraints on urban growth, and the denial of urban citizenship and benefits to migrants, see Cheng and Selden ; Zhang This is not to argue that Chinese citizens need convincing of the superiority of urban living.

Indeed, the massive rural-urban migration patterns and the systemic migrations restrictions of state policy make clear both that domestic citizens desire to live in cities and that the state perceives unregulated urban growth as problematic to its development plan. The ethnographic portion of the research on which this article is based was conducted in China during the summers of and , including ten visits of eleven to twelve hours each to the World Expo site, interviews with Expo visitors and Shanghai citizens, and follow-up interviews after the Expo closed in and For a discussion of the debates in China over whether policy ought to prioritize the quality of the natural environment or industrial revenue and wages, see Tilt The literature on the subject is extensive see for example, Baker ; Fei The actual figure is arguably even larger.

See for example Johnson b. When I asked about what would happen with urban improvement schemes after the Expo, she laughed out loud and said the program would stop. Her research has mainly focused on collective memory, mega-events, and cultural projects, most recently through a focus on diplomacy and policy. Better City, Better Life? February 15, Abstract This paper examines exhibits at the Shanghai Expo and the urban improvement schemes undertaken for the Shanghai Expo for what they reveal about the ideals for and experiences of urban modernity in contemporary China.

Typical lines for the China Pavilion photo by author The Shanghai Expo was the biggest in history covering 5. Infrastructural overload in Shanghai photo by author The Better City, Better Life theme suggested, perhaps unintentionally, these hazards of urban modernity. Eco-house kitchen photo by author When I exited the building after my first visit, I felt as if I had just emerged from the hybridization of a corporate product fair and an environmentally friendly IKEA, offering room after room of product displays, kitchen fittings, and green technology.

The greening of the city photo by author A second urban improvement scheme that was highlighted in many of my conversations with Shanghai citizens and Expo visitors was the aestheticization of the city. Bibliography Aukia, Jukka. Baker, Hugh. Chinese Family and Kinship. Please see paragraph 5 below for more information on cookies and similar technologies and a link to a page where you can turn them on or off. We give you the opportunity to opt-out of receiving marketing communications. Further detail can be found on the applicable Site and in the footer of each marketing communication sent by us, our group companies or service providers.

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