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I loved this list and made it through the whole thing. I was actually going to ask you if you had one. I always knew there was a large and dedicated readership for gay romance, but what once surprised me was that so many of the readers are women! In fact, many of the books are written by women, too.

Who knew!?? The only difference?

The readers were falling in love with the men that were falling for each other. Traci B.

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So went back to this genre last night. I even asked my friend Jackie way back when I first discovered this … How? I mean, how can a female reader fall in love with a character who could never love her back in that way? But I wanted in. I had to know!!! And I found out. I realized, when I read, I become one with whoever the main character is. Man, woman… whatever. It never fails, my friends! Although in the end, my perspective has come to the conclusion that love is love. These have done my reading enjoyment a whole lotta good, and I have so many to look forward to, below!

The whole series has an average rate of 4. There story plot and twist is fantastic! It will blow your mind. Read this please, it is worthy of your time!! It is insanely good!

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Aida: Hi Thank you so much for the list! You should also add The Administration series by Manna Francis. All bundles have been super awesome so far. Plus lots of different types and storylines since multitude of authors. Highly recommend! Morgana: I definitely recommend the Captive Prince trilogy by C.

Katia: I highly recommend Captive prince trilogy by C. This is historical romance with very intriguing plot and so captivating caracters!

It is slow burn but very very worth it! Chek it out!!! Ashley: Where is Heidi Belleau?

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It will grab you. Highly recommended. Some of my favorites that are not on the list is Beyond Complicated and the Southern scrimmage series by Mercy Celeste. They are so freaking good! Smith: Him and Us by Sarina Bowen are also great reads! Hockey players.

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E Via is an awesome read for those who love cops stories. Probably one of the 1st authors I read was Sloane Kennedy. I inhaled her Escort series then went on to start the Finding series. After the last story in the Escort series I paid for and downloaded ALL of the Finding series and also the next lot of crossover stories in the Barretti Security series. I got a tad pissed with her because all of these series cross over and she changes her writing style. She changed from the 3rd person to 1st person and for a long time 2 weeks….

Corsets and Cravings Collection by Lady T.L. Jennings

So other authors and their series are Riley Hart. Her Crossroads , Blackcreek and Broken Pieces series are great. I must say the new book covers are soooo much better then the previous too.. Her Sunset Cove series I am listening to …Well worth a listen or read. I also just started reading with Kindle and a lot of these books you can get using a Kindle Unlimited account… Well worth it.

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  • So thanks for listening to me waffle on and please add other authors as I seem to be running out of material to read. Gea: desperately looking for new awwsome mm reads so this is helpful. I havent seen Tiffany Reisz The Angel: A Sexy Romance The Original Sinners Book 2 anywhere and as it is my very first mm read and it has Reiszs masterpiece writing I wholeheartedly recommend it though the series should be read in order.

    There are 3 books so far, and I love all of them. Full of adorable and unforgettable characters. Teresa: Highly recommend the Infected series by Andrea Speed. In this series being a shifter is the result of a disease. Each book in the series has mysteries to solve. The secondary characters add great dimension to the series. First book in the series is Infected: Prey. Not a fan of her Nevada series.

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    Should definitely be added to this list. No steamy sex scenes but slow build with great story lines. Jennifer: Just discovered a new author.. They are relatively short.. Some GFY genre by T. Baggins or S. Reid… same books are attributed to both names. Protection is set in s British prison. Highly recommend. Mischa: Jennifer, thanks for the T. Baggins Protection recommendation. Kika: Hi everyone. I love the mm genre and have been almost entirely devoted to it for the past few years. If anyone loves amazingly well written stories with quirky humour and characters you never forget you should try Ethan Day.

    I swear by his books my all time favourites are Sno Ho and its sequel Life in Fusion. These books just m a me my day every time I read them. Katie: I love this genre! Thanks for the recs, Maryse!