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Se neghi a me di dar qualche ristoro, davanti agli occhi tuoi morir vogl'io!

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Non esser, gioia mia, con me crudele! Lasciati almen veder, mio bell'amore! Entra Masetto con contadini. Don Giovanni springs out of hiding and pretends to be waylaying someone.

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Death to you! They run off. Fate seems to be on my side! Now let's see. These are the windows. Let us serenade them. He picks up a mandolin left behind by Leporello and begins to accompany himself. Canzonetta Come to the window, my treasure, come to console my lament. If you deny me some relief, I want to die before your eyes! You whose mouth is sweeter than honey, you whose heart cradles sweet desires!

Do not, my beloved, be cruel to me! At least let me see you, my loved one! Perhaps she! Masetto enters followed by a group of peasants.

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Non risponde; animo, schioppo al muso! Il servo son io di Don Giovanni. My heart tells me we must find him. I think someone moves over there. No answer. Now then, shoulder arms!

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Who goes there? I must be careful. I'm the servant of Don Giovanni. E pian pianin lo cerchino, lontan non fia di qua! In testa egli ha un cappello con candidi pennacchi, addosso un gran mantello, e spada al fianco egli ha. Of that scoundrel! Ah, tell me, where we can find him? We are looking for him to kill him! I will join you to put an end to that rascal of a master. But listen a moment to my plan. Aria Some of you go this way, the rest of you go that way!

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And quietly, softly look for him, he is not far from here! If a man and a girl you see strolling in the square, if under some window you hear someone making love, fire away, by all means fire, for it will be my master. On his head he wears a hat covered with white plumes, over his shoulders a great cloak and at his side a sword. Se un uom, ecc. Andate, fate presto, tu sol verrai con me. Partono i contadini. Ottimamente: dunque dobbiam ucciderlo?

Ho pria questo moschetto, e poi questa pistola. If a man, etc.

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  5. Some of you go this way, etc. Hurry, go and find him, but, you, come with me, Masetto. We will do the rest, and soon you will learn what that is, etc. The peasants go off. Let me listen! Now then, must we kill him? I have this musket and then this pistol, too.

    He hands the weapons to Don Giovanni for inspection. Eh basta, certo; or prendi, questa per la pistola, questa per il moschetto! Soccorso, ahi, ahi!! Questa per ammazzarlo, questa per farlo in brani! Villano, mascalzon! Ceffo da cani! Ahi, le spalle! E il petto!

    Now this one is for the pistol, this one for the musket! This one is for killing him, this one for wanting to cut him into pieces! Food for dogs!

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    Don Giovanni leaves. Oh, my shoulders! Oh, my chest! Dove ti duol?

    Don Giovanni Act 1 Number 3 Trio

    Where does it hurt? Aria Vedrai, carino, se sei buonino, che bel rimedio ti voglio dar! Dare te 'l posso se 'l vuoi provar. Saper vorresti dove mi sta? Sentilo battere, toccami qua! Partono insieme. Come home with me, and if you promise to be less jealous, I will take care of you, my dear husband. Aria You'll see, my darling; if you are good, what a fine cure I will give you!